Ideas, innovations and new courtyards
BERLIN IS BOOMING. Every 20 hours, a start-up is launched. Thousands of jobs are being created and, with them, a piece of the future. Even well-established companies with their think tanks are increasingly moving to Berlin. Right at the heart is Kreuzberg − Berlin’s creative centre, a magnet for smart and creative brains from all over the world. Around the Moritzplatz, the digital industry is pulsating, ideas are bubbling out, and success stories are emerging. THE SHELF is the new hub for forward-looking companies. A fascinating new interpretation of classical Berlin courtyard architecture, perfectly networked, in a dynamic neighbourhood.
Centre-city, a hotspot, perfect transport connections
Creativity, Kiez and Kreuzberg
Living, working and enjoying life – this has always been the district’s recipe for success. This is where the international business avant-garde meets today. Between the crafts and the manufacturing sector, creative industry and digital pioneers, Michelin-star restaurants and coffee shops, between urbanity and idyllic greenery, a highly attractive blend of work, living and life pulsates.
The Kreuzberg
blend is
2Gorgonzola Club
9Parker Bowles
12Santa María
13Der Milchladen
22Motel One
Magnets, new talents and digital pioneers
GENEROUS, VARIABLE AND OPEN – new jobs need space to unfold. The boundaries between the desk and meeting zone, between concentration and communication are disappearing. Analogue and digital, young and old, experienced and eager-to-learn – intelligence and empathy characterise the new founding spirit. And nowhere can this be felt more than in the heart of Berlin: in Kreuzberg.
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Trend-setting location, urban oasis and wonderful environment
THE SHELF – is seeking a dialogue with its environment. It is taking the typical Berlin Stadtregal (a building composed of flexible shelf systems) and completely reinventing it. Rotating louvres bring the façade of the five-storey building complex to life. The two-storey entrance to the courtyard invites you to go on a discovery tour of the urban environment. Even a fleeting glance when passing by enables you to catch a glimpse of the green oasis. This is where a working and residential environment of pioneering quality is being created.
Colours, shapes and comfort
THE SHELF IS DIFFERENT. Five different, carefully-planned, green islands bring a piece of nature back into the home. They offer fresh air, space and a clear view of the sky. The whole courtyard invites you to spend some time here. In the midst of the urban hustle and bustle of the capital city, THE SHELF offers areas to retreat and relax. Here, work-life balance is not just a catchphrase, but is expressed in the architectural style of this building.
Quality, high standards and the ability to adapt
FOUR UPSTREAM LANDING PLATFORMS create more space on all floors – and allow for an optimal combination of individual units. On the ground floor around the courtyard, there is a good 2,350 square metres for commerce and gastronomy. On the top floors, there is a total area of 12,900 square metres plus two spectacular roof terraces. A generous underground car park with 80 parking lots for cars and 200 for bicycles rounds off the range of what PANDION THE SHELF has to offer.
Furnishing example
Furnishing example
The individual floors
Furnishing example
THE SHELF at a glance
THE FLEXIBLE, POSSIBLE PERMUTATIONS of the SHELF enables the maximum space for creating contemporary work environments. Individual, open-plan and combined offices, meeting zones, play areas and communication islands – everything is posssible. What makes THE SHELF special: each individual floor can also be used without any partitions at all. In addition, the floor-to-ceiling windows with external sunblinds provide plenty of light, fresh air and space.

ARCHITEC­TUREdistinctive & innovative

SHARED WORK SPACEScommunicative & effective


PARTITION­ING OPTIONSfrom approx. 300 m² – 2,767 m² per floor

2 ROOF TERRACESspectacular & unique

BASEMENT200 bicycle and 80 car parking spaces

DGNB-gold certification

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