Are you looking for Space 4 Ideas in Berlin? In a metropolis like Berlin, it is anything but easy to find such space nowadays – so it’s all the more pleasing to know that as of the summer of 2021, rooms will be available in the central district of Berlin-Kreuzberg, right next door to Moritzplatz, where new ideas can find a new home.
Take part in our tendering procedure for concepts for one or two spaces with subsidised rent (221 and 417 square metres) in the new business courtyard PANDION THE SHELF in Ritterstraße 21-23! All tradesmen who are subject to VAT and who combine their economic business with art, culture or social commitment and who are familiar with the needs of the residents, employees in the Wassertor district and in the business courtyard can take part.

HOW TO PROMOTE: You have had an idea in the drawer for a commercial mixed use for a long time, but have not yet found the right opportunity? Or do you know someone who should definitely apply? Then let’s get started: The application deadline is October 31, 2020.

Also important to mention: Interested parties will have the opportunity to visit the industrial yard PANDION THE SHELF – so that they can have a close look and perhaps find suitable partners for a joint use. If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail.

Information on the location, rental conditions, time schedule and other general conditions of the application can be requested from us ( A brief overview of the concept allocation is available for download here. On 17.06. and 12.08.2020 a site inspection took place and on 07.07.2020 a network meeting of PANDION THE SHELF took place, where some questions regarding the concept allocation of the two rented ground floor areas could be clarified. If you are interested, we will send you the documentation of the site inspection. Just send a short e-mail to

You will find further information in this interview with our Berlin branch manager Mathias Groß. Last but not least, this video shows what has happened so far on the previous area of The Shelf in terms of temporary cultural use and what we would like to create there in the future.

Here you can download the current press release.


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