Graduation Work:

The focus of the exhibition “DEFYING CURRENTS” is on the theses of students of the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee.
Around 44 students present their works in the fields of sculpture and painting. The exhibition offers a unique opportunity to gain an insight into the diversity of the subject areas.

The title “DEFYING CURRENTS” is reminiscent of the movement of a body that defies the waves in the thundering sea. He meets so playfully the extraordinary atmosphere of the Weissensee Art College, which offers students, like no other school, the opportunity to develop an individual language and aesthetics free of any existing current.

At the same time, the picture describes the challenge faced by diploma and master students.
The intention of the final exhibition is to depict the singular postions; The voices should enter into an exciting dialogue, as well as clarify similarities and differences.

More information will follow soon …