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premiere: BOOK of BOTT

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The Korbinian Verlag & Das Wetter – magazine for text and music present:

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BOOK OF BOTT is a narrative volume in which young people PICTURES PAINT AND EXCEED BORDERS and thus in CONFLICT with the LAWS. Most come with a black eye (or a split lip) from that.

50 AUTHORS & AUTHORS & 50 STORIES & 50 BOTTS (with double T, unlike this Clemens Setz).
After the big premiere in Leipzsch, selected stories from the meanwhile sixth publication of Korbinian Verlag will be presented for the first time in Berlin in the old offices of Robben & Wjentes. In addition, you can buy the storyteller after the proven TUCHOLSKY PRINCIPLE (1 BOOK = 1 SCHNAPS).

THEN: Music. Beer. Love.

MCNZI (Live)
Dj Creep (DJ)
King E (DJ)

© GLUT Berlin – Photo Credits Louise Amelie