PANDION introduces
the press to THE SHELF

Under the heading “Gewerbehöfe 2.0”, Berlin-based Pandion sales manager Mathias Groß has published the plans for the project THE SHELF to the press on 12th July.

The new Gewerbehof will be furnished until 2021 in the Kreuzberg Prinzenstraße 89/90. The car rental company Robben & Wientjes will close its doors at the end of July. Then, starting in August 2018, Mathias Groß will continue the unique Kreuzberg mix for – in historical continuity at this location, with more than 15,000 square meters of office space and a small work of art, art and culture, the subsidized rents will be particularly encouraged.

For the first time the press representative should inform about the special features of the new trade ensemble. Other new mobility concepts, such as e-scooters and e-cargo bikes, are the special green and open-air facilities that promote joint work in the yards. In a pilot project, the large entrance areas should be “welcomed” in new ways: they are lined with moss to reduce particulate matter and nitrogen oxide pollution. A project which, in cooperation with the Berlin start-up “Green City Solutions”, will bring to life the term “Gewerbehöfe 2.0”.