The Shelf
is going green!

Green, green, green, are all my clothes, green, green, green is everything that I like …

No, our location does not get a new paint job – but of course we’re thinking about how we can now do our little bit to establish new ways and responsibilities in our immediate neighborhood that are at least a little bit relieving our environment. Where does one start, how can one work on oneself, but also inspire others to spare our nature more?

First of all perhaps the most banal topic: the toilet. That’s why we only used eco-toilets for our events, which are not only a sustainable and odorless solution, but also save around two million drinking water a year.

The needs of modern city dwellers naturally do not stop in the quiet village: mobile, but nice to the environment, how do you get that? One solution is perhaps the electronically operated kickboard from manufacturers like Audi, Metz and Kumpan, which was recently introduced to us – e-vehicles and car-sharing models seem to be, to establish green mobility. That’s why we have recently been with an electric charging station, where you can recharge its mobile pedestal. Waiting period? No problem, soon you can fill up with oxygen at our moss wall(which donates as much CO2 as 1000 trees)in the meantime you canslurp an algae smoothie!