What was –

the home of the blue seal. For 40 years. Probably every Berliner has rented a truck from Robben & Wientjes here on Prinzenstrasse for a move or a transport. Here in Kreuzberg was the founding place of the fleet. The rental of the blue and white transporters – whether “flatbed” or “suitcases”, they were available in many desired sizes – was very simple: Show driver’s license and ID, deposit, drive off. In countless moves, the seals have mostly done their job very reliably. Only with the refueling was always exciting: How much fuel has the seal actually eaten, this question tormented everyone. This is soon over, Dietmar Robben and Ulrich Wientjes have sold their fleet to the car rental company Buchbinder.

What’s coming –

THE SHELF by Pandion becomes a place where something new is created in the Kreuzberg neighborhood. In a green and e-mobile world. On both sides of the Prinzenstrasse modern commercial buildings will emerge with office, retail and catering. There will also be space for small businesses and culture. Lively is THE SHELF, with green facades and courtyards. The Pandion wants to orient itself in the design and use of the interests and needs of the local traders and the inhabitants of the neighborhood. Considerations and ideas exist on a variety of topics, such as mobility: Can car-sharing models be realized on Prinzenstraße, ideally with electric vehicles? And can cargo bikes and e-bikes really be an alternative to the car? Be curious!

And in between?

THE SHELF offers social space for the colorful (sub-)culture, neighbors, art and events. For a few months, the old buildings are the perfect place for temporary cultural use. This was similar to the street art project The Haus – also initiated by Pandion. THE SHELF is not a copy, but a completely new idea: It’s an off-location, for example, the book “Book of Bott” on the Berlin scene of the graffiti sprayer celebrated its world premiere. The Kunst-Werke KW will exhibit here in May for the Biennale, and the graduates of the School of Photography want to show their theses in the halls this fall. Hip Hop flea market? Also comes in the summer on the grounds. Art and culture: This is Berlin’s treasure, and it needs space.